Monday, May 16, 2011

Better Than Sex Cake

After reading the title and staring at the delectable goodness above tell me that your mouth isn't watering at the one dessert that you're craving this very moment. And no, I did not mean anything dirty in that last line.

Better than sex cake is something that we've all come to love and appreciate following a heavy potluck. The chocolate cake, mixed with caramel, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with bits of toffee. Yes that is a recipe for something that makes the fourth course all hot and heavy.

But where did this name come from? All wikipedia had for me was the recipe. No background info or anything. I tried typing "better than sex" in the google search bar, and for some reason the first 16,488,370 results were strictly porno sites. I would strongly suggest avoiding any of those sites for cake recipe's. They weren't as helpful in bakery needs as I had hoped for. I first had heard about this cake from my Aunt Michele, but then again there is no way I was going to call her and ask for information regarding this. A little awkward, I must say.

Where did it come from? Back in the day, did Betty Crocker concoct this delicacy, then look across the table at her husband Orville Redenbacker and say "Wow honey, this is much better than that sweet love you gave me last night!" What an insult to the popcorn king for his romantic antics. For the record, I as a child did indeed believe, and still do, that Betty Crocker and Orville Redenbacher were husband and wife. Please don't shatter my dreams with your statistical correction. That means you Ryan "Ted" Rarick.

I mean is this cake actually better than sex? If you read my previous post, then all this cake has to be better than is a nice dip in the hot tub. But I think it tastes so much better than that. Besides, it's not as messy and dirty, and there's not a lot of cleanup after you get done eating it. Unless of course you have a seizure mid-bite, which I have in fact done on multiple occasions with this tasty goodness.

I'm posing questions here that I really have no idea what is the correct answer to. This cake is so delicious that I could sit down and eat an entire trough of it in one sitting. But how am I supposed to know that it is actually better and more pleasurable than the act of sexual intercourse? I don't! I'd probably have to rename the cake to something else like "Better than playing with yourself cake".

That fits the 26-year old virgin.

What do you think?

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  1. Hahaha! Remember this?!
    Dixon shows you how to make better than "S" cake :)

    "Are you ready? Are YOU ready?! ARE YOU READY!?" :)