Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol?

So while I sit here roasting my Grandma at Canasta, (and yes that is the highlight of my trip to Ogden) she asks if she can change the television in the background to "American Idol".

"Do you watch 'American Idol'?" she asks.

What?! Are you kidding me? I may watch re-runs of Glee and shop at Roberts Arts & Crafts but there is no way I would be caught dead watching that primetime blah that is wasting away hundreds of hours of pathetic Americans hopes and ambitions.

I remember when "American Idol" had their first season. (Not proud to admit that.) I never thought it would last. Heck, I thought that "From Justin to Kelly" would curse the series. I only wish it had.

Since that piss-poor pioneering season, we as an American Culture has had to sit through countless losers hoping to pursue a musical career. And why do we do this? Why do we text message our choices thinking that we can help shape someone's music life? Why do we have to watch a D-list celebrity such as Ryan Seacrest bathe in the attention? I have no idea.

It hooks everyone. One of the manliest men that I know, a Texan football stud who if I were starting an imitation band of 300 Spartan soldiers, I would pick to be the role model, my co-worker C.J. Ferguson, has been snatched up by this Fox network Beelzebub. This is a guy who could probably beat up Anderson Silva, and yet he tunes in on Thursday nights to see who's been voted off. It makes no sense.

And so as the swan songs drag on as another 15 minutes of fame has just been booted off, I will sit back and beat up my Grandma at cards and get on Hulu later so I can watch re-runs of Glee.

That's manly isn't it?

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