Sunday, September 18, 2011

The W.O.D. Part II

With the month winding down I will now be transcribing another weekly topic. For those not too familiar with Randomity, I select a topic to hash out and discuss for an entire week with any comments or pokes from my audience. This month, my half-empty demeanor has shuffled me back to a topic in which I previously discussed a few months earlier, and I felt that there were even more angles to attack this subject from. With that being said, I unveil...

Wait for it...

The Week of Dating; Part Deux!

Yeah, I know I've brought this up before, but there are still so many points to be brought up and argued over. Add to the fact that a major case of frustration and a Keystone "bitter-beer face" encrusting my demeanor have been an influence as to why I think this topic should be brought up again.

But with that being said, this week I shall be bringing forth seven new independently thought out point of views about dating, relationships, and anything else associated with camping out on cloud nine.

I remember when I used to work as an editor for my college's newspaper, we had a very distinctly original fellow who published a weekly column. I give him the blogalias of Dr. Love because that was the pen name that he gave himself. And every week he would write a relationship advice column for all of his readers.

In a sense, I am walking in the footsteps of Dr. Love by writing yet another W.O.D. You can take it with a grain of salt because these words of wisdom are going to be given to you by a 26-year old single guy in southern Utah. Which by Utah standards means that I am currently a menace to society.


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