Friday, June 3, 2011

The Graduation of Lunchbox

I am an old man.

Sitting on the 6th row of the Dee Events Center hearing overbearing parents yell out "Get-R-Done!" and "That's My Sister!". Never mind the fact that the administration asked all white-trashiness to be removed from the premises. Never mind that there are 749 other Seniors who's names are being blared out by uproars. Such is high school graduation in Utah.

Amid the spontaneous outbursts and reading of names, I sit and look at the young woman seated on the floor of the Dee Events Center. A young woman who I remember being born in Logan Regional Hospital 18 years ago. A young woman who I will always call, Lunchbox.

Lunchbox has been through a lot in her life. Heck, just putting up with an overprotective big brother like me was tough enough as it was. I'm the kind of brother who would try and intimidate the toughness out of any possible guy who tried to take her out. But she still put up with me.

Lunchbox is a tough cookie. Sure she has made a few goof-ups in her life. Like the time she snuck out of the house and was pulled over at 2 in the morning with a random guy. But haven't we all snuck out at 2 am with a member of the opposite sex before? She still loved me and stuck up for me even though I've been a stern-faced, cold-hearted sibling with a tazer trying to prod her in the right direction.

And she sure is heading that way. Lunchbox has been working 2 jobs to save money for college and will be attending Utah State University in the fall. Along with her fluency in 3 languages and her determination to get the job done, I think she'll do just fine. She'll make me proud.

And so as the white trash comments have increased, and the non-respective parents belt out confusing praises to their kids, while inflatable beach balls get tossed around, I tip my cap to my little sister. A girl who has cheered me on in countless football and basketball games. A girl who doesn't hate me for the accidental scar placed on her forehead from a teeter-totter accident when we were young. A girl who is now a young woman. And will always be my Lunchbox.

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Location:Dee Events Center

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  1. So teander, Brock! What a beautiful tribute to a brother and sister. But ya, I know you're still a tough guy at heart!