Friday, March 18, 2011

A Pisces Horoscope

My buddy Dwayne Bright posted some eerily accurate Daily Horoscope for those who are Pisces. It read:

Pisces horoscope for Mar 16 2011
A chapter in your life is closing, Pisces. It wasn't a particularly happy chapter, but you will miss aspects of it nonetheless. That's because there was a certainty to it. A warm and comfortable distress, you might say. It was what you were used to. Now, though, a new chapter is opening up. It's still a mystery to you. And mysteries can be scary. But you need to trust that what lies ahead will be even better than you can now imagine. Say goodbye to what is ending, and keep whatever good came from it. It's time to embrace a whole new wonderful time.

That's crazy stuff! I was almost convinced that the nutcases who composed it were somewhat stalking me, until I realized that I am no longer a Pisces. I am an Aquarius.

Curse you, new Zodiac calendar...

What do you think?


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