Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Digital Date-Night

This is long overdue.

After taking the above picture, the following conversation occurred between the digital date-night duo.

Male whose only other date was with someone inflatable: "Serious? Why can't you just knock over that last pig? You suck Angry Bird?!"

Female who rivals Meg from Family Guy for least amount of interpersonal cross-gender contact: "215! Dang, I should have sliced that pineapple instead of that bomb to keep my run on Fruit Ninja going!"

Asian hostess who zips through her seating arrangements faster than Simon Cowell through awful American Idol contestants: "iPhoneapp, party of 2? iPhoneapp, party of two?"

Male: "My hands hurt. I think I'm getting carpal tunnel from holding this device in the same locked position for 3 hours. Oh well, I have to press on."

Female: "All I have to do is slice one more cantaloupe and I will finally top 300! Almost there, almost there."

The fact that there were 9 other phones out and in use while this pic was taken makes this couple less guilty. Heck, I am wearing the scarlet letter for having my own phone out, taking a pic and writing my own notes. However, was this a date? Probably not. It's sad to see Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja take priority over a couple interacting face to face.

What do you think?

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  1. Ah, technology. Able to connect us to anybody in the world, except who we're with.