Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Wednesdays. Hump days. The best, and or worst, of both worlds. Wednesdays are when guys walk into the gym half drunk from Math tests and half sober from free throws. Wednesdays are staring down a dark tunnel and barely seeing that speck of light also known as the train coming at you, or the day also known as Friday. But that’s too far away at the moment. You’ve got things to take care of before you board that weekend retreat off into no man’s lack of responsibility land where everyone is pining to get to sooner or later on Hump Day.

For full effect download Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m. and play at maximum volume throughout the duration of this post.

Wednesday does have a promising feel to it. Let’s not forget that. Wednesday is the faint glimmer of hope that the joyous weekend is in sight. On Wednesday you still have all of the workload piled on you, but at the same time your thoughts drift off to “I wonder what ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is going to be like tonight,” or “maybe we should go camping this weekend at Sand Hollow.” On Wednesday you are in both worlds. Work is still on top of you, but hey, the weekend is not too far away, so there is hope.

They say that out of the five weekdays, the most work gets done on Wednesday. That is the time when most guys buckle down and focus on getting at least something, anything accomplished. Heck, half of the blog posts that I have ever written were probably banged out on Wednesday.

Workload Wednesday is when the boys stay the latest at the gym, when games go into the late night for what seems like hours on end. When we are all trying to keep our sanity from all of the pencils, scantrons, Top Ramen popsicles and everything else that people are obsessed with in the college world.

Wednesdays are little things in a basketball game. Wednesdays are the calling out of screens on both sides. They are the pump-fake bounce passes into the big guys to prevent a turnover. They are the not jumping in the air on a pump fake from the perimeter.

Wednesday’s are me typing at this very moment just to break 400 words.

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