Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions, Maybe?

Am I a slacker? Maybe.

Am I lazy? Only on Saturdays in the fall.

Am I a curse word for not keeping my blog updated? Yes. I'll admit to being guilty on that one.

We all start New Years Resolutions. Everyone does. Whether it's losing 20 pounds by March 15th, or committing to ask a different girl out every weekend in hopes of finding that E.C. (Neither of those have been mine.) Everybody makes them. Publicly, privately, or subliminally, everyone sets goals this time of year. So, with that being said, I need to start being a stickler on keeping this crazy post of randomity updated for whoever gives a rats, regardless of if I'm ranting about the nauseous appeal of cinnamon bears, or the dipsticks marketing pictures with a holy figure. I'll keep going on this.

I've been keeping a journal now for quite a while. 9 years and counting I have written every day. Yeah that is something to be proud of. Who knows if anyone is going to care about that in 30 years. And who knows if anyone is going to care about this either. But I'll keep pushing, and publish random thoughts of humor that might bring a chuckle to your face and mine. We'll see what happens...

What do you think?


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