Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Nazi Parents

Kids are a ways away. Heck, the M-word is for that matter, but that's another blog. But whenever that day rolls around and I have little Brock's and Brooke's running around there is one thing that I will not be.

An overprotective parent.

Here I sit at an 8th grade girls basketball game, about to cheer on my little sister Jazmin. Seated 10 feet to my left is a screaming behemoth ranting at the ref's for missing that 3-second call on that last possession.

Really? If a missed 3-second call is your biggest worry in this type of venue, then you have issues.

To my right is a pubestache creeper in a leather jacket with a video camera on the girls in front of him. He's either supporting his daughter, or gathering research for his next stalk.

I am in what appears to be my future location for many winter afternoons cheering on my kids. With that being said, I hope and pray I don't turn into a nutcase.

Go, Jazmin, go.

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