Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things I suck at...

Here is a list of things that I absolutely positively suck at. Things that I have tried and epically failed at over and over again.

Being bald
Calculating any type of mathematics
Proportioning my body in awkward yoga positions
Fitting in small places
Wearing polyester ties
Singing alto or soprano
Donning the color pink on any type of clothing
Solving a rubik's cube
Wearing size 32 pants
Speaking a foreign language
Not sweating while reading the newspaper
Not sweating period
Playing the sousaphone
Bench pressing my body weight
Nailing a backflip off of a snowboard jump
Not farting when I fall asleep
Eating the vegetable okra
Telling stalker girls to "LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE!"
Being friendly to U of M fans
Not updating my status to something sarcastic
Being a bastard (I can't help that though)
Enjoying Martin Lawrence movies
Navigating through streets that aren't supported by the grid system
Remembering anything on a short-term basis
Figuring out the difference between roast and meatloaf
Having a mustache
Listening to old people talk about discounts at Shopko
Beating my Grandma at cards
Having a brother
Making omelets
Spelling the word ommellette
Having hair on my shoulders

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What do you think?


  1. I suck at snowboard backflips too but I will rock your world with my ability to make omelets

  2. brock, you should come over and I'll make sure you know what a roast is.

  3. I warned you...

  4. You better suck at anything when competing with Grandma...