Sunday, January 30, 2011

A player?

My girlfriends roommate is a player. Also called Playa, if you have African-American/Marshall Mathers heritage.

She is 18, and has more boys on the line, then I have neckties. I was a missionary. I have a dumpload. The fact is though, this girl can't seem to get enough attention, adoration and interest from the loads if guys she has on the line.

For example, this week alone she,

* has gotten together and broken up with a guy via text because they didn't want to commit to each other.

* has stayed out till late hours of the night with whoever roams the streets of Ogden.

* has had a cowboy with a big truck, big shoes, and small penis drive all the way from Logan, then take her out to Salt Lake and back.

* has had to have Jo, kick a bald, short guy out of the house at 3 am who more than likely she was "spooning" with.

* and most recently, within the first ten minutes that she walked in to church this morning, has located the nearest single guy in her vicinity, got up and sat next to him, and hasn't shut up since.

Play on playa.

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Location:Gramercy Ave,Ogden,United States

What do you think?

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