Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Teams That I Hate

If I were going to list 5 teams that I absolutely hate, completely abhor, I wish that they would be removed from the face of the earth, they would be these five:

First of all, I almost feel embarrassed that the Maize and Blue is on my blog to begin with. However, this is the most disgusting, most putrid, disrespectful, disgraceful, I would rather make out with a skunk than put on a U of M shirt. Being a solid Buckeye, this team will always be my arch nemesis.

The fact that these stuck up swingers try to buy out every single known baseball player on the planet is ridiculous. If there was a salary cap in baseball, there would never be 20-something championships for the A.L. East cuss words. Curse George Steinbrenner, the world may be a better place now that he is gone.

Growing up, I was trained to be a 49ers fan. Simply because of the fact that Steve Young was a Mormon, and we should all cheer for Mormons. I didn't know any better. For all I knew Troy Aikman was the devil. Emmit Smith whined all the time, Leon Lett was a oversized creature, and Alvin Harper and Michael Irvin were thugs that made us look bad. Now that I have started to understand sports, I realize that all of them did sign contracts with Satan, Tony Romo throws like a girl, and Jerry Jones has just completed the erection of his $1 Billion modern day pyramid in which he will be buried. If you're reading this Jo, don't pass it on to Steph, Burton, your mom, or your brothers. I'm guessing it will only put me deeper in their doghouses...

Losing both the NCAA Football and Men's Basketball Championship to these hussies is a memory that I am still trying to forget as a Buckeye fan. This will forever be the team that I will loathe right next to the Wolverines. They are the Cody Chugg's of my fandom. Why you may ask? Have I failed to mention the John 3:16 faker who does Pro-Life Super Bowl commercials with his Mom, the Tim Tebow? He is one of the reasons I hate this team evermore.

A hockey team you may ask? The Red Wings? Why are they on this list? Simple. I was a Colorado Avalanche fan early on. I loved Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic, Patrick Roy, Uwe Krupp, they were my idols as I played street hockey. And the cowards from Detroit, the Steve Yzerman, the Chris Chelios, the Chris Osgood, were my nemisis'. I have never liked them, and never will, and wish I had a voodoo doll of Scotty Bowman.

What do you think?


  1. You're going to have to explain the "Cody Chugg" of your fandom comment...did I miss something?

  2. Yes, BB. Please explain....thanks CC ;)

  3. I don't think Cody Chugg reads my blogs anonymous reader. Plus, he's a guy. Guys don't use ;)