Monday, May 18, 2015

Call Me Peggy

So remember that one time when I used to write on this thing called a blog? 

For full effect, download "Changes" by David Bowie and play at maximum volume throughout the duration of this post. 

Seriously people, I sound like a cookie cutter mid-30's stay-at-home Mother named Peggy with three kids who just washed either chocolate or poop from her split-end littered hair, when I say the words "Here's a new post on my blog, just love me and send uplifting comments about my stay at home life. Please! I need your attention!" That's who I am now. My name is Peggy, and I have a problem. I have relapsed from publishing bi-weekly chronicles about my above-awesome life as a 30-year old college recruiter and transformed into not caring about self-imposed deadlines and pleasing a few hundred people with social media advertisements. What the Hell is wrong with me?! 

For years this blog has been my outlet, my release, the vodka martini I would sip in doses to release my creative juices or whatever moronic metaphor you want to use for me writing this. This blog was my priority. It was, well, my life. And it has been for the last five years. Every single event that has happened since I gave that divorced ginger a tub of ice cream for her birthday has been marked on Randomity. This blog has been my life partner. And I felt guilty as a Catholic bishop when I missed a day, let alone a week publishing. But now all that has changed. This blog has become just another blog. Just another website. A domain name that will be forgotten in years to come when push comes to shove. And I am now just another Peggy who will publish something slightly above mediocre once every three months. Never thought this day would come, but the fat lady inside me is about to be unleashed. 

The unavoidable reality is that life is full of blogs like this. Things that were once important, vital, that were held in the highest regard to us are now just meaningless piles of scrap tossed into a metal bin with the initials WM spray-painted on the side. Things change, they always do. Not that there is anything wrong or disturbing with change, because honestly change is incredible. There is just a dampening feeling at times when you realize you are morphing into something that will join the hordes of Peggy's across the country that have new priorities on their plates. Priorities like other people, and school, and a bunch of other grown up stuff that haunts people into having a mid-life crisis. Don't be confused, I'm not throwing in the towel on this blog by any means. I'll still check in to make you laugh and cry and teach you valuable lessons that have guided the course of my life and may give you a dose of advice here and there. But this blog, it doesn't matter anymore. This blog is just a bunch of helter-skelter letters thrown together, doused with sarcasm, chock full of movie references.

This blog doesn't mean that much to me anymore. A pretty girl holding a yellow umbrella 252 miles away from me, she does though. And she means more to me than this blog ever will. 

Life is crazy kids, that's all I can say.

What do you think?


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