Saturday, July 2, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

12:47 a.m.-What should I blog about tonight? I have no idea. Ooh, "Family Guy" is on Adult Swim. This show really has gone downhill these past few years. It's too bad that it hasn't been cancelled for a fourth time. Hmm... I sure miss the show "Scrubs". Too bad that got cancelled as well. Why do they call them Scrubs? I wonder where that phrase came from. Maybe I'll check Wikipedia. That site will tell you anything. But then again, who knows if it's the truth. Someone could be making up historical punch lines to events that never happened. Nothing wrong with that I guess, I lie and tell stories all the time.

2:51 a.m.-Ahhhh, gotta love "How I Met Your Mother". Is it sad that I have watched the entire Season 4 in just 8 hours today? Shows how productive I've been. I wonder how I'll tell my own kids how I met their mother. Wait a minute, have I met her already? Gosh, this is so confusing? This is a conundrum. Where did that word come from in the first place? Co. Nun. Drum. That almost sounds like two Catholic Sisters trying to start a percussion revolution. Hmm, I might pay to watch that.

5:18 a.m.-That was one weird dream. Almost like I was in Back to the Future. But in real life. If I were to pick a movie to be in it would probably be Robin Hood. But the one with Kevin Costner, not that joke with Cary Elwes. Man, I'm too critical of movies. I'm even critiquing films in my subconscious dreams now. I've got issues it seems like. Don't we all? This is kind of annoying that I'm waking up at five in the morning on a weekend. I need some good old sleep. Oh, don't we all.

11:58 a.m.-Wait, Chief Kent locked himself out of the apartment? His four phone calls and repeated doorbell ringing was the best alarm clock that I've had in a while. Poor kid, he must have been out there for a good solid hour and a half. In this heat. I'd be sweating like a beast out there. But then again, I sweat just playing the piano. Dang, there has to be some kind of prescription medication I can take so that people don't think I have just run through a set of sprinklers when I'm at work answering e-mails. I need some more sleep.

3:41 p.m.-Whew! Now that was a heck of a nap. Way to waste away my Saturday afternoon by not getting my lazy butt out of bed. Somewhere, my grandpa is shaking his head at my laziness. Oh well. I sort of feel bad for guys like J. Black Hairpiece and B.E.P. Longhorn, they would never be able to sleep in this long. Oh, the joys of living the single life. Eh, joys. If that's what we call them. Maybe I'll get out of bed in the next 45 minutes or so...

5:10 p.m.-Man I hate those ASPCA commercials trying to guilt the public into buying the life of a poor animal. I don't think that I'll ever want to hear another Sarah McLaughlin song now that she's standing up for the rights of a 3-legged, one-eyed chihuahua. Nothing against pets or anything, but why should we care about something that has a 4-second attention span/memory bank. I am too cruel. Oh well. I gotta get my butt off this bed and go do something. I think Gold's Gym is awaiting.

7:32 p.m.-Never thought I would get kicked off the court by a group of polygamist guys wanting to play ball. But then again the 6 to 1 ratio was heavily in their favor. Why did they play ball in those levi shirts and pants? There's no way I could deal with that. Oh well though. My life is wasting away this afternoon. I seriously don't think I have accomplished anything. Heck, Rock Steady and Roger Winston Eddingbright the 3rd have accomplished more today with their 8-consecutive win streak on Black Ops. Dang I need a wife these days. A wife who's name isn't Black Ops. Oh well, guess I'll look to my computer for productivity. What am I going to blog about today? Hmmm. Oh look, "Family Guy" is on...

What do you think?

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  1. Thank God, someone who FINALLY agrees with me that Family Guy has started to really suck.