Saturday, July 30, 2011


And now, I will be writing a blog, about a blog. Somewhat confusing eh? Almost like the Inception of Blogposts. Except there's no spinning top at the end of this post. For the record, I will submit that at the end of that great movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is still dreaming, hence the fact that the top is still spinning. If you want to exchange blows with me on this one, go ahead, I dare you.

On to the main event.

"This post that you're writing is almost oxymoronic." said my great roommate.

You're right Chief Kent, I am an ox, and a moron. (LTT)

I remember when I was first introduced to blogging. This was six years ago when I was still in my heated relationship with sweet Virginia. At the time I was engaged in conversation with a very clever, very obtuse individual who we'll call The Adopted Asian.

Me: "So what do you do for work?"

The Adopted Asian: "A whole lot of nothing. Actually, I've started reading these things called, 'blogs'. It's when people actually write a bunch of stuff on topics all over the Internet. And you can read it whenever you want. It's pretty interesting, and I wonder how long it will last."

Me: "Blogs huh? Hmm...sounds kinda interesting."

Fast forward to this past December and let me paint yet another picture for you. Just close your eyes and envision me standing in the living room of the house of The Ginger who shall not be named.

"Yeah, I try and update my blog as often as I can. Maybe two or three times a week." she said.

" know what, I think one of my new goals is that I am going to start blogging more and really submerge myself in that sphere of communication." I said back. Secretly, I told myself that the only reason that I would start blogging more often was in hopes that I would retrieve brownie points with this lass. Man, what in the world possesses me to make decisions solely in hopes of receiving gratification from the opposite sex? It seems that every step I took down the avenues of social media stemmed from some whimsy attempt at hooking up with a chick.

Me: "My name is Swamp Thing and I have a problem."

Crowd: "Hi, Swamp Thing."

Me: "I uh...I make decisions based on the repercussions being successful hook-ups with the ladies..."

Every man in the crowd: "Uh, Swamp Thing, we all do that."

It was because of the Ginger who shall not be named that I reconstructed my blogging habits and began pursuing a regularly scheduled post, if not daily. Here I am, over 150 posts later, and I am still going strong. Why, you may ask? Well, it's the same answer I have given you this entire week, as well as last month; I'm vain. More on that later though.

Honestly though, out of all of the social media trends that I have written about this week, blogging seems to be my overall favorite. It has its ups and downs, which have been manifested in posts that were offensive to others. But hey, to each their own. I do love the fact that I can get on and harness my writing skills in a way where the only person editing my posts is me. I don't have Mark Petersen and Chris Taylor breathing down my neck, and forcing me to adjust what I truly mean. (I still love you guys).

Blogging has now become what I do well. And will continue to do. Again, I don't know how and why all of my social media decisions are heavily influenced by Estrogenian creatures, but I will continue to blog despite the absence of one in my life. To me, blogging has now taken on the role of my lifetime companion.

What do you think?


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