Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And Then Life Gets Better

Life does a great job of running us into the ground, doesn't it?

For full effect, download "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane and play at maximum volume throughout the duration of this post. 

I mean that opening line with all sincerity, and not in a semi-depressed/glass half empty perspective. I mean it in regards that sometimes this thing we wake up to every single morning wears on us. It slows us down. Tires us out. In between car payments, work deadlines, crying children, unfolded loads of laundry, prescription refills, dirty dishes, broken shoelaces, divorced pairs of socks, and everything else that remains unchecked on our to-do lists, this life can be a taxing time of survival. 

Life is tiring. Again, I'm not saying this from a gloomy point of view, only from a point of view that's so bushed I don't even want to leave the comfort of my work chair to face the 10-minute commute home. People, we get worn down. 



Drained of our energy that we give in to the powers of Mt. Dew at 9:17 in the morning just to keep our eyes open. Aged to where eating a bacon cheeseburger after 8:00 at night becomes a cardinal sin. Fatigued to the point where we can't come up with a unique topic to blog about so we just scramble together a few paragraphs and tie a rude joke in at the end just to make everyone happy. 

Yes, that is the point I have now reached. And sadly, it's only Wednesday.

Times like this can leave me shaking my head, but you know what always pulls me out of my funk? I come home, sit down on my couch in a meditative state with the white noise of silence as my background music. I close my eyes in a hypnotic rhythm and ask myself one simple question, one philosophical question that I am grateful a wise man once asked me when I was a boy. I ask myself, "What is funnier than kicking a midget?"


And then I laugh. 

And then everything gets better. 

What do you think?


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