Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's Blow Stuff Up

You want me to write a response about how ashamed I am that an 81-year old billionaire tosses out racist comments like a neo-Nazi?

Don’t get your hopes up.

For full effect, download “I Am So Sad, So Very, Very, Sad” by Crash and the Boys, and play at maximum volume throughout the duration of this post.

You want me to write a blogpost slamming an egotistical bigot who still lives in a time where there were two different types of water fountains in public? You want me to take a stance on a prick no one even heard of until TMZ blasted his reputation all over social media this past weekend, a man that the majority of us when asked about this event replied with “Donald Who?” You want me to rip his reputation to shreds and stand united with a world that does not stand for any type of racial discrimination whatsoever, I mean, because that’s what is trending right now, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, the guy’s an insensitive jackass. For saying the cruel words he did about people who aren’t the same skin color, that is a terribly shameful act indeed. But do you want me to get all hot and bothered and throw a social media tissy fit ranting about the state of the American people and toss out hashtags left and right slamming his character and toting how this man should be burned at the stake? I mean, is that something you think should be a priority in every single one of our lives?

Because if you don’t think it is, well you’re as bad as the leader of the KKK, you racially insensitive prick. 

We live in a world that makes catastrophes out of things that don’t really matter. You have to admit that statement is true. As soon as those recordings were leaked on to the web it became the biggest nightmare since Watergate and the reputation for a human being was tarred and feathered like an upstart Mormon. Heck, this man was banned for life from an organization that he helps fund in the first place all because he made a few inappropriate comments to a girl he thought he trusted, comments that he made in his own living room of all places. Not at a podium, not in a press release, not broadcast in an on-air interview, he said these words while sitting on his couch in a pair of billion-dollar sweatpants tipping back his Metamucil. But nevertheless, he said them, and he should be banned for life!

Does anyone else feel this situation makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? Have their not been worse atrocities committed in the history of sports that have yielded lighter punishments? Remember when Ron Artest ran up into the stands in Detroit and beat the lights out of a handful of fans because they threw beer on him? He literally knocked people unconscious in a flat-out brawl. And then there was Brett Favre sending voicemails and taking pictures of his manhood and sending them to New York Jets reporter Jenn Sterger in an attempt to have an affair. Or what about how one of Boxing’s biggest promoters, Don King, was convicted of murder? TWICE! This frizzy-haired nutcase killed two different people and he is praised inside the ring! 

And yet the world we live in blows up when an 81-year old blowhard makes publically incorrect statements inside his own living room.

You would think we would look at the bigger picture, turn the other cheek and become better people, because we as a society have advanced haven’t we? We are better than that, are we not? We target bigger issues at hand such as solving world hunger, discovering cures for cancer, and ending violence in the Middle East.

HA! Are you kidding? We all want to jump on the bandwagon. We all want those 15 seconds of glorified social media fame. We praise the Miami Heat for turning their jerseys inside out to support a mild protest despite the fact that they don’t even play for the Los Angeles Clippers whatsoever. We listen to after game press conferences where the main topic of discussion is not the lack of defense or poor field goal percentage, but rather, how emotionally jarred the players felt when they walked on the court. We write blogposts about issues that six months from now won’t have a single ounce of value whatsoever.

You want to end racial discrimination in today’s society? You want moral and ethical values to be raised and faith in humanity to be restored once again?  You want the world we live in to become a better place for our posterity to survive?

Good luck. Because at the rate we’re trending, that’s never going to happen. 

What do you think?


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