Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for X-rated.

How many of you clicked on this in hopes of being rewarded with digital pornography?

Sorry to let you down.

With the month of April winding down and the A to Z challenge coming to an end, I will admit this has been the toughest letter to come up with a subject for. That being said I seriously wonder how many people will be clicking on this blog post because of its subject title alone. For my most loyal and devoted 28 followers, there will be a week long experimental diatribe relating to the topic of sex next month. It has fascinated me what people are drawn to. And if sex is one of the main reasons that people double click a download, we should be ashamed as a society.

X-rated was also chosen because there is nothing else related to the letter x that I knew anything about. (Not saying I am an expert in X-ratings). Xylophones, Xanadu, Xi, come on now, the people around the country who are participating in the A to Z challenge are facing the same burdens as I am. Rather than hash out a fictional sci-fi characters background, I thought I would paraphrase the dirty world that everyone fantasizes about.

Add to the fact that I have been laying on my backside for the last 8 hours or so. (that's what she said) Coming down with the flu in the middle of spring fever does not make my life as productive as it should be, and therefore this post will be much more drier than expected. Look for missed humor and poore speling in this one.

All in all, our society has morphed to an X-rated world. As a doctrine that I live by states, "We always want what we can't have." Men are entranced by X-rated paraphernalia because they look at their balding, overweight, mediocre lives and wonder, "Is there something out there that is fresh and dirty, that I can watch in my closet at 3 in the morning?" Probably. But you shouldn't want to live an X-rated life.

I'm rambling on now about a subject that makes no sense anymore. You may be at the end of this post saying to yourself, "This kid is a nut." You are correct my friend. But it's not me typing right now about the world we cannot have. The X-rated world. It's the Nyquil.

Fade to black.

What do you think?


  1. I found Z tough. :) Nice bumping into you.

  2. I found X hardest, mind you Z is tommorrow