Friday, September 28, 2012

Fast Times at Roy High

Took a stroll down memory lane this morning, that's right kids, I went back to my old stomping grounds, a place that all of my co-workers know how much I cherish and adore. I'm talking about good old Roy, Utah.

For full effect, download any song from the Blink-182 album "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" and play at maximum volume throughout the duration of this post. Those were the tunes that Scott Buxton and I would enjoy while sluffing class in his Ford Explorer. Wait, forget Scott Buxton. What mature human being holds grudges for a break-up that's a decade old? Curse word you, Scott.

Today I had the privilege? Yeah, I'll use that word for the sake of alumni reading this. To go back to my alma mater, a place where the great ghost Mabel lives and dwells. Don't believe me, ask Mark Wilson. He'll tell you everything about that ghastly spirit who sits there in her red high heels and torn dress haunting the large auditorium. Trust me, she's there.

For the record, find me one person who knows every word to the fight song "Go, Royals Go" and I will give them $20. Nobody knows the words to that song, nobody, you hear? For all we know it goes," Go Royals, Go. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, Na-na-na." At least that's how I remembered it sounded like.

Roy is actually a pretty good place to go to school I must say. You've got some great teachers like Cheri Bryan, Candace Thurgood, and Herr Adams. Also, there's "The Hole" just up the street, which is the local breakfast club hangout spot in town. Yeah, so there may have been a minor bomb scare last spring. But don't let an attention-starved teenager's immature actions mar the greatness of the Apple fritters that Roy has to offer.

The Royals that I recruited today were some of the best students that I've seen in a long time, in fact probably the best group of kids I've talked to this entire year so far. They had so much school pride, especially for their football team; who by the way is 4-2 so far, which is the most wins they've had since my senior season when we went 4-7. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that they destroy Bonneville tonight for Homecoming. Man, we hate those Lakers.

They sure were great today though. They described to me what the hip slang for the word "cool" is. Which, I was told is the word "ill". They explained to me the concept of what a hashtag is. I got to meet Adam Watts' little brother, (yes, I'm an old man.) Also, I was told how a student shows sarcasm in a text message. Who would've thought that's possible? #HA.

Good times, I must say. I did get a little sentimental sniffing the hallways as I walked through my old home turf. And yeah, so what if I can't remember all the words to the fight song "Go, Royals Go." Deep down, I guess I still bleed black and gold.

What do you think?

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  1. I need to know more about Mabel. I cannot find the Mark Wilson you speak of. Please help.