Saturday, October 15, 2011

World Is Capitalizing On SEX!

SEX seems like it is taking over the world. Everywhere that you look there is something related to the topic of SEX. Whether it be on TV, in movies, or all of the pornographic Web sites on the Internet, you can't escape it; SEX is taking over the world. 

For full effect, download "Garbage Truck" by Sex Bob-Omb from iTunes and play and maximum volume throughout the duration of this post.

Why is SEX the most focal topic that makes the media industry rotate at such an immoral speed? Almost certainly at our age, SEX is a subject that dominates our thinking, and is extremely appealing to us. Heck, that's how I grabbed your attention to read this post: enlarging the word SEX roughly 30 times. Don't feel dirty for reading this; everyone else's hormones made them do the same thing. Heck, you did it when you read the infamous Week of Sex too. 

SEX excites us, doesn't it? SEX is what perks us up or draws us to anything. SEX is also one of the biggest no-no's in our culture as well. And if something is regarded in a negative light it makes us want to be a part of it even more. Hence, SEX is wanted by everyone.

 You can't watch a TV show, or movie, or even a Disney Channel cartoon without SEX being an instrumental part of the plot. At some point or time in the show there has to be a scantily-clad lady, a dirty joke, or at least one subtle reference to SEX somewhere in it. If not then there will be a “Girls Gone Wild” video advertisement at the commercial break. 

When you look at the magazine covers in the grocery store, what is the biggest boldface type word on the cover? SEX, of course. And it doesn't matter what kind of magazine it is. It can be a magazine completely devoted to ceiling fans, but the latest issue's main article will be something about which is the most fashionable ceiling fan to have great SEX under. You can't tell a joke without it having some sort of SEXual connotation, either. It's like jokes aren't even funny unless the punch line directs our thoughts to any subject dealing with SEX. Your mom, blonde or even corny Laffy Taffy jokes won't make us laugh if it's not about SEX. It's such a hard thing to deal with, and yes, that is what she said.

The Internet is a huge road with former sites such as MySpace, avenues for SEX to be paraded down as well. I can't tell you how many friend requests I would get from digital superhighway prostitutes on an almost hourly basis offering me some sort of SEX-themed Web site. The pornography they are modeling has to be an appeal to a young man coming of age. Why does the world make it so easily accessible? 

There's nothing that we can do about it I guess. SEX will continue to increase its monopoly on the world with morality and standards being cast out the window. In the meantime why don't we stand up for what is right and not give in to the filth-laden industry that is polluting our world? Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean we should. 

Am I making that big of a deal about this, though? Is SEX something that shouldn't be given much attention? I mean, in the words of a good friend, it's just SEX, right? It's not hard to avoid.

That's what she said.

What do you think?

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  1. you know this is interesting because i was just reading an article about our generation being unable to feel satisfied in our sexual desires. that we are the most unhappy generation with our sex lives. it seems that the more sex is around us the less sexually gratified our generation seems to be. yes, it is a problem. but the problem isnt that we think about sex. that is inevitable, i think instead the problem is that our expectations of sex are changing, and the pressures. besides the point, if people are using porn/magazines to teach them how to have sex then they aren't learning right, do they really look like they're all having fun? yeah right, i've never thought so, which is maybe why i've never been able to enjoy the porn world, but it is also quite off from real sex. our bodies know what to do and our instincts let us know how to have pleasure. but with all the pressure and the "teachers" telling us what to do and how to do it, we end up losing the fun part, and losing the sense of real exploration and the "raw" experience that sex with someone you love and trust should be. i feel sorry for our generation. like you i believe this problem will only get worse but i can only hope we can become a little more "innocent" again. thanks for posting this topic brock so i could ramble on about my thoughts. shannon ;)