Thursday, February 17, 2011

People Watching

I enjoy people watching. It's the one pastime keeping me sane while I sit in Backwardsville and watch stalwart Wal-Marters scamper in and out of ******* High School. Here's an example of the few yokels that have walked past...

A curly-headed acne-trampled senior in high school who is latched on to his mother almost in a PDA technique.

A recruiter for an unnamed branch of the military who subtly picked and ate his own booger.

A Humpback whale in tight pants and a hoodie, I'm shocked that he hasn't been speared yet.

A nearly bald woman in pajamas and a pearl necklace eating a bag of Orville Redenbacher popcorn.

Bilbo Baggins' Uncle.

A fiery mom with overbleached hair in fancy slacks, shoes, and a Steve-O t-shirt.

A junior in high school who's braces are wearing braces.

A behemothly overweight mother who is wearing what I would describe as a beer belly shirt, her midriff hanging proudly.

A Charlie Brown look-a-like who has just farted for the 7th time thinking that no one can hear or smell.

A bluetooth bozo who quite possibly may have married his older sister.

And finally the three women in the picture above. One owns 19 cats, one has a hairstyle from the 1860's and one asked if she was 32 would I go out with her.

Yes I'm a jerk. I know this. People probably look at me and scoff saying "Look at that goofy tall bastard who's pits are wetter than Niagra Falls. He's a swamp thinged freak!"

True, but I don't eat my boogers...

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