Friday, June 22, 2012

Put Some Clothes On

Isn’t it beautiful outside? I l-word this time of year. I l-word the weather. I sarcastically l-word how the temperature doesn’t dip below 90 anymore. I l-word playing sand volleyball in nothing but a pair of shorts. I l-word how it is always warm no matter what time of day it is. There is one thing, however, that I don’t l-word about this time of year.

Girls wearing slutty clothing.

Shocking, you might say? That I as a man would betray my physical lusts and ambitions for a blogpost? No, I think it is absolutely nauseating that girls all over wear, or rather don’t wear the clothes that they do.

Even more nauseating is how much traffic this post will see due to the photo of three neon X's at the top of this page.

Yes, we are that messed up.

To walk in to work on a Friday morning and see a girl in the lobby wearing a little less than a headband, a paper towel and a shoelace makes me want to vomit in disgust. Why she thinks that dressing like that is appropriate is beyond me. What makes it even worse is the fact that some girls don’t have the Kim Kardashian-like body to wear those types of tissue…er, I mean clothing. When the piece of thong underwear is clinging for dear life at the stitches that hold it together all while being practically spray-painted on to a girl’s body, you know something is wrong.

Regardless of whether she’s a supermodel or a supersize, it’s an appalling idea that girls think they have to display massive amounts of skin, and sometimes parts of usually never seen body parts as well for an overload of male attention. Whether she’s got the body of J-Lo or a rhino, neither one is appealing.

I don’t know what goes through a girl’s mind when she thinks that wearing that type of clothing is appropriate. Does she think that if she wears the costume of a paid sex servant from Las Vegas, she will get treated with esteem and dignity? What kind of men are these girls looking to attract? Ones that treat her with respect and think of her in a queenly manner? No, the only thoughts going through the type of guys she is baiting are how quickly they can get the band-aid she’s wearing off her chest on the way to bed.

Yes, the world is that classy of a place.

Am I the only guy that sees this as a problem? The fact that more and more girls think it is fitting to walk around wearing a piece of string and a gum wrapper is just sickening. Where have our morals gone? I wonder if women would find it attractive for men to dress the same way that they do. How attractive would it be for a 350-pound behemoth to wear a tank top and tighty-whities revealing a hefty beer belly and horrendous plumbers crack? That’s how it is for men.

You may think it is something that we want to see but it isn’t. For instance, when I see a girl wearing almost nothing at all, I don’t think, “man she looks hot.” I think “man that girl dresses like a whore and doesn’t respect herself.” When girls wear those types of immodest clothing, men can see how little values they have. Believe me women, it’s not just about your physical nature, there is a little more to dating a girl than how good she looks in a two-piece.

I don’t want to see it anymore. It’s a pathetic attempt at a provocative temptation for all men out there. And I think I speak for quite a few others who would ask for with the increased temperatures, also an increase in clothing items being worn. I’m tired of looking at exposed midriffs, uncovered derierre’s, and barely covered breasts all over campus. It’s ridiculous. Put some clothes on for everyone’s sake.

What do you think?


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