Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pre-Post Secret

388 miles away from home, three nimrods sit at a bar in Grand Junction, waiting for hot wings and beer battered fries meanwhile glued to the pixels making up the next stage of Draw Something.

Yes, that's us. Myself, Chris Caldwell and Bryan Uhri took an extended man-date road trip across I-70. Which I may add, is the most boring piece of land outside of Wyoming itself.

For full effect, create your own road trip playlist and play at maximum volume for a sustained five hours.

I would go into detail about this trip, an iPhone combined with a fresh order of hot wings won't do it justice, so until then, just listen to Bob Dylan and tell all those dirty little secrets in your own mind. I'll be back with a full recap tomorrow night.

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Location:At a bar in Grand Junction, CO

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