Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Chocolate-Covered Chick Flick

So last week I was trying to help out my dear second cousin recover from the loss of her Grandmother. Here's how the dialogue between the two of us transpired the day before the funeral.

Swamp Thing: "I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma, that must be tough.

The Hairy Trojan: "Thank you, ya it's not too fun."

Swamp Thing: "Do you or your mom need anything? Chocolate? Chick Flicks? Chocolate-covered chick flicks?"

The Hairy Trojan: "Hahaha. Chocolate covered chick flicks sound amazing."

And with that, I bought a $5.00 copy of "The Object of my Affection", four Hershey bars, and proceeded to make what some would call the greatest present a girl can ever receive; a chocolate-covered chick flick.

Now that it's been 13 days since this incident, and since this entire week has been a giant disaster all I can wonder about is what is the male equivalent to a chocolate-covered chick flick? A Mt. Dew doused boxed DVD set of the Rocky series? I have no idea. Suggestions? I need some way to vent my griefs.

What do you think?

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